Nanopositioning Sytems Overview

PI is the global leading supplier in piezo nanopositioning systems. PI has more than 4 decades of experience with piezo technology and as the only nanopositioning systems provider, produces its own piezoceramics material. Tests with the patented PICMA® multilayer piezo actuators have proven the positive effects of the ceramic encapsulation, they last typically 10 times longer than conventional polymer-coated piezos and after 100 Billion Cycles of testing were chosen for the MARS mission.

PI nanopositioning and scanning systems with frictionless flexure guidance are decidedly superior to positioners with conventional guiding systems (crossed roller bearings, etc.) in terms of response, minimum incremental motion, reproducibility, straightness and flatness.
Linear Stages Z-Stages (Vertical) XY / XYZ Stages
Linear Stage, M-511.HD XY/XYZ Stages

Tip/Tilt Stages 6-Axis Stages Actuators & Motors
Tip/Tilt Stages 6-Axis Stage 6-Axis Stage

Fast Steering Mirrors Fast Focus Piezo Systems Controllers/Electronics/Software

Due to their inherent friction and limited guiding precision, traditional positioners, even when equipped with high resolution encoders, cannot provide nanometer level repeatability and straightness. In contrast, PI piezo-driven flexure nanopositioners can easily achieve repeatability and minimum incremental motion in the subnanometer realm.

With PI's vast range of piezo driven solutions, precision, force and travel range are not mutually exclusive anymore. PiezoWalk motors provide forces to 800N with basically unlimited travel, and hybrid piezo / servo motor systems are now available with 100 mm travel ranges while providing nanometer size minimum incremental motion.