Nanopositioning Stages & Engineered Systems by PI

Piezo Stages
Nanopositioning equipment and instrumentation plays a crucial role in applications such as microscopy, semiconductor test & manufacturing, optical alignment, bio-nanotechnology, optical scanning and high-speed / high-stability precision positioning.

PI provides a variety of different nanopositioning systems to suit different applications - high performance linear motor stages, air bearing stages, magnetic levitation systems and a variety of piezo motor technologies. Piezo flexure positioners provide a combination of speed, resolution and guiding precision that is unique and not possible with conventional motorized, mechanical positioning systems.

Piezo Motion & Engineered Nanopositioning Systems: Key to Nanometer Sized Features

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Nano Positioning Stages:

The piezo effect enables extremely uniform, controlled small displacements. PI piezo nanopositioning stages are flexure-guided, free of maintenance and lubricants and available in vacuum and ultra-high vacuum configurations. In addition to state-of-the-art piezo mechanisms we also design advanced digital servo piezo motion controllers and a number of position sensors providing sub-nanometer position resolution. The combination of mechanics, sensor technology and control electronics along with a wealth of software drivers and virtual instruments makes our nanopositioning systems unique.

In addition to piezoelectric nanopositioning stages, PI also provides air bearing-based nanopositioning systems, equally free of friction and wear.

Video: Compact XYZ Nanopositioning Stage based on Air Bearings and linear motors

PI employs over 1300 staff worldwide and has 4 decades of experience with design and manufacture of precision motion control equipment. Many of our customers work at the leading edge of technology and demand the highest accuracy, quality as well as the best support.

PI precision instruments are employed in automation equipment, in labs, on mountain tops and in space. Actually our positioning stages and PZT actuators are currently working in the Curiosity Rover's science lab on Mars.

Talk to one of our engineers. PI has the people to understand your application, the broadest range of motion technologies and best-in-class manufacturing, assembly, process & metrology. Call or email us.

Linear Stages Linear Stages
XY Nano-Positioning Stages XY-Positioning Stages
XYZ Nano Positioning Stages XYZ-Positioning Stages
6 Axis Stages 6 Axis Stages
Tilt Stages Z & Tip/Tilt Stages
Flexure Actuators Motors /Flexure Actuators
Tilt Mirrors Fast Tip/Tilt Mirrors
Fast Focus Systems Fast Focus Systems
Single Axis Controllers Single-Axis Controllers
Multi Axis Controllers Multi-Axis Controllers
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Nanopositioning Systems Overview Nanopositioning Systems Overview
Nano Positioning Basics Nanopositioning Basics
Nano Positioning Stages:

Examples of Piezo Positioning Systems:
Optical Microscopy Piezo Stages, Z-Stages, Objective Nanofocusing Systems
Piezo Positioning System Open Frame Microscope Stage Slide Scanner
PInano XYZ & XY Piezo Positioning Stages for SR microscopy A-142 Air Bearing Miniature Nanopositioning Stage w/Voice-Coil Linear Motor High-Speed Piezo-Z Slide Scanner: Low-Profile, Low-Cost, for Super Resolution Microscopy

 Piezo Z Stage Objective lens positioner Microscope Stage
Z-Piezo Positioner Stage for 3-D imaging, travel to 500Ám Objective lens positioner / fast focussing system, variety of travel ranges and objective diameters Piezo motorized XY-microscope stage with scanner insert. 25x25mm travel, fast, low profile

AFM Scanning Piezo Stages, NSOM Scanning Stages, E-Beam Scanning Stages
AFM Scanning Piezo Stages Nano positioner Piezo Stage
PicoCube piezo nano positioning stage, picometer resolution, very small, 5x5x5Ám closed-loop travel PIMars precision positioning stage, up to 300x300x300Ám travel, parallel kinematics & metrology for highest precision P-733 piezo positioning stage, non-magnetic, vacuum version. 100x100Ám travel, capacitive feedback.

Low Profile Piezo Systems (XY, Z, Z/Tip/Tilt) w/ Aperture
Low Profile Piezo positioning Systems XY & XYZ Piezo Stage Ultra Low Profile XY Scanner
100x100Ám XY Version and the 100Ám x 1 mrad Z-Tip/Tilt Version P-733.2DD and 3DD high-speed XY & XYZ precision positioning stage Low-cost, ultra low profile XY scanner for image dithering / sub-pixel stepping

Linear Stages for Nano-Positioning
Linear Piezo Stage linear stagee with capacitive feedback linear stage with ultra precision flexure guidance
P-611, 100Ám entry level piezo positioning stage w/ strain gauge feedback P-621.1 piezo positioning stages w/ high accuracy capacitive sensors, 60 to 1800Ám positioning range. P-752 ultra-high precision piezo positioner

Multi-Axis Piezo Positioning Stages, Z-Tip/Tilt Stages
Z-Tip/Tilt Stage precision positioning Stage Nano Alignment System
Z & Z-Tip/Tilt piezo positioner, up to 200Ám, 4 mrad, Parallel Kinematics, Capacitive Feedback PIMars piezo precision positioning stage, up to 300x300x300Ám travel, parallel kinematics & metrology for highest precision P-611 NanoCube, NanoAlignment system, 100x100x100Ám compact entry level stage w/ strain gauge feedback

6-Axis Piezo Nanopositioning Stages
6-Axis Piezo positioners 6-Axis positioner 3 to 6 axis positioning stage
P-587 piezo positioning system. Up to 800Ám / 10 mrad six-axis stage, parallel kinematics & metrology for highest precision Piezo Hexapod. 6-axis stage, 10mm linear, 6deg rotation. 50 kg load. PIMars ulta-high accuracy positioner, 3 & 6 axis parallel kinematics & metrology

FSM, Fast Steering Mirrors (Piezo Tip/Tilt Stages)
FSM Fast Steering Mirror piezo phase shifter
S-334, tip/tilt stage / piezo steering mirror. Up to 120mrad deflection S-330, tip/tilt stage / piezo steering mirror. Sub-millisecond responsivness, up to 20mrad deflection S-303 piezo phase shifter. Very fast response (Fres: 25 kHz).

Flexure Actuators & Z-Piezo Positioning Stages w/o Aperture
Flexure Actuators Z Piezo Z Piezo POsitioners
Flexure Guided Z-Actuator. Motion to 480Ám, open and closed-loop. PIHera Z-stage family. Motion to 400Ám, capacitive feedback, very compact P-611, 100Ám low cost piezo positioner w/ strain gauge feedback

Long Travel Piezo Positioners
XYZ alignment stage Long Travel Piezo Positioning Stages Hybrid Piezo Positioners
P-615 NanoCube XYZ alignment stage. Motion to 350Ám. E.g. for optical alignment PIHera XY-stage positioners. Motion to 1800Ám, capacitive feedback, very compact Air Bearing stages and Hybrid Stages can provide long travel and nanometer precision

Piezo Motors / Linear Actuators
Linear Actuators High Force Piezo Stepping Motor High Speed Piezo Motor
Novel compact OEM Piezo stepping motor / actuator with sub-nanometer precision High-force piezo stepping motor / actuator with sub-nanometer precision High-speed piezo motor / actuator

Custom Piezo Positioning Stages
Miniature Stage Custom Piezo Nano-Positioning Stages Fast Tool Servo Stage
Miniature Stage for read/write head testing Lightweighted, high-load stage for faster response Fast tool servo piezo stage for non-circular turning of metal parts.

Controllers & Piezo Drivers for Precision Positioners
Piezo Nano Positioning Stage Controllers OEM Piezo Controller Board Modular Piezo Nano Positioning Stage
Digital Piezo Controller Card for precision positioners, 3 axis Piezo motion controller for OEMs Advanced digital controller for piezo positioners, modular, very high performance