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PI's 6-axis stages and multi-axis and 6-DOF nanopositioning stages come in flexure-guided / planar designs, in hexapod (stewart-platform) type construction and as a combination of linear and rotary stages, for example with air bearing guides for long travel ranges w/o friction, wear and particle generation. For short travel, piezo nanopositioning stages (typically 100's of microns to a few mm), with parallel-kinematics flexure designs provide extremely good in-plane accuracy (straightness / flatness), air bearing stages and 6-DOF hexapod stages on the other hand can be scaled to much larger travel ranges. PI also provides non-magnetic multi-axis positioning systems.

Video: 6-Axis Stage for Nanopositining in Photonics Alignment based on 6-DOF Motorized Hexapods and 3-Axis Piezo Scanning Stages

Video: 5-Axis Nanopositioning Stage for Semiconductor Processing based on Planar XY Air Bearing Stage and 3-Axis Z /Theta-X / Theta-Y Air Bearing Stage with Industrial Motion Controller.

Video: 6-Axis Stage for Nanometer Precision Alignment in Optics and Photonics Applications. Flexure-Guided Nanopositioning Stage with 6-DOF Motion: 500Ám XYZ Travel, 3 Degrees in Theta-X,Y,Z.

PIMars 6-Axis Nanopositioning Stage with Piezo Flexures, 200Ám/1mrad

  • XYZ, Theta Z, Theta Y, Theta Z
  • Travel Ranges: 200 Ám Linear / 1 mrad Rotation
  • Enhanced Responsiveness & Multi-Axis Precision: Parallel Kinematics / Metrology
  • Closed-Loop, Capacitive Direct Metrology for Higher Linearity and Stability
  • Frictionless, Backlash-Free Flexure Guiding System
  • Excellent Scan-Flatness
  • Longlife Lifetime PICMA« Piezo Multilayer Actuators
  • UHV Vacuum Option to 10-9 hPa

The 6-Axis PIMars piezo flexure stage is one of the most advanced nanopositioning systems in the world. Its parallel-kinematic design, where all piezo flexure drives act on the same moving platform, and sophisticated digital control algorithms (see E-712 digital piezo controller) make it possible to achieve highly precise coordinated motion in all degrees of freedom, with straightness & flatness in the low nanometer range.

Custom systems with larger travel ranges or faster response are available on request.

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P-562 6-Axis Stage

P-587 6-Axis Nanopositioning Stage, Piezo Flexure Guided, to 800Ám

6-Axis Precision Positioning Stage
  • 800x800x200Ám Linear Range, + Tip/Tilt Theta-Z Rotation
  • For Surface Metrology, Scanning and Positioning in all Six Degrees of Freedom
  • Parallel-Kinematics / Metrology for Enhanced Responsiveness / Multi-Axis Precision
  • Closed-Loop, Direct Metrology with Capacitive Sensors for Highest Stability & Linearity
  • Longlife Lifetime PICMA? Piezo Multilayer Actuators Frictionless, High- Enhanced Responsiveness & Multi-Axis Precision: Parallel Kinematics / Metrology
  • Active Trajectory Control in All 6 Degrees of Freedom

The P-587.6CD is a unique, highly accurate, 6-axis scanning and positioning system based on amplified piezo actuators and flexure guides. It provides a linear travel range of 800 x 800 x 200 ?m and rotation ranges of several mrad.

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6-Axis Hexapod Stage / Custom Piezo-Hexapod, Non-Magnetic, 10mm/6░

Piezo Hexapod
  • Closed-Loop PiezoWalk Motor Drives
  • Travel Ranges 10 mm Linear, 6░ Rotation
  • 202 mm (8") Clear Aperture
  • Non-Magnetic
  • Nanometer Resolution
  • Low-Profile: 140 mm Height Only
  • Parallel Kinematics for Enhanced Dynamics and Better Multi-Axis Accuracy
  • Up to 500 N Force Generation
  • Self Locking at Rest, No Heat Generation

This custom non-magnetic 6-axis linear / rotary positioner combines the advantages of the parallel-kinematic hexapod approach with the precision and stiffness of the NEXLINE« piezowalk linear motors. It can handle large loads and automatically locks the position when powered off. The piezo drives do not generate magnetic fields and at the same time are not affected by magnetic or electric fields. A more compact Hexapod for UHV is also available.
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