Linear Nanopositioning Stage Overview

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These linear nanopositioning stages provide resolution to below 1 nanometer. Several types are available: flexure guided stages for applications that require the highest guiding precision and fastest response, piezo-motor driven stages for longer travel ranges and hybrid stages that combine the advantages of conventional long-travel positioning systems with the precision of piezo-flexure mechanisms.

Low-Cost Mini Nanopositioning Stage, up to 25 mm Travel, 1 nm Resolution

Mini Nanopositioner
  • Stick Slip Piezo Drive
  • Travel from 6 mm to 25 mm
  • Open and Closed Loop Designs
  • Rotation Stages also Available

The Q-522 series mini piezo stages provide long travel ranges at a very low prics. They are based on a stick-slip piezoelectric motor drive and can be operated in both open and closed-loop with linear encoders providing 1 nanometer resolution.

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LPS-45 Compact Piezo Motorized Nanopositioning Stage : 25mm Travel

Piezo Stage This PIShift piezo motor-driven, nanopositioning stage combines long travel and high resolution.

  • Up to 25 mm Travel
  • PIShift Piezo Motor: Self-Locking at Rest, no Heat Generation, no Servo Dither
  • Compact Footprint and Low Profile
  • High Resolution Linear Encoder (2 nanometer)

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LPS-65 Piezo-Motor-Driven Stage, 13-52mm Travel

This low profile nanopositioning stage is driven by a self-clamping Piezo-Walk type linear motor. An interferometric encoder provides sub-nanometer resolution.

  • Interferometric Encoder: 0.5 Nanometer Resolution
  • Self Clamping at Rest: Extra High Positional Stability, No Heat Generation and Servo Jitter
  • Travel range 13, 26 and 52mm
  • Very Low Profile
  • Excellent guiding accuracy
  • Max. velocity 10 mm/second

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Positioning  High-Resolution Translation Stage

Hybrid Long-Travel Nano-Precision Linear Stages: 7 & 100 mm, 2 Nanometer Resolution

Hybrid  Stage

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The PI Hybrid Nanopositioning Stage family consist of two unique nanopositioning systems that overcome the limitations of conventional precision positioning systems by combining the well-known advantages of piezo-flexure-drives (unlimited resolution and very rapid response) with the long Positioning Ranges and high holding forces of a servo-motor/ballscrew arrangement.
A 100 mm translation stage with 50mm/sec speed is available and a high-holding force stage for vertical travel featuring 7 mm travel. Both come with 2 nm resolution linear encoders and are operated by a special hybrid controller (model C-702).

  • Hybrid Piezo + Servo Drives for Exceptional Responsiveness and Smoothness
  • 100mm Translation Stage, 50 mm/sec Max. Velocity.
  • 7 mm High Holding Force Stage for Vertical Travel
  • Reliable Execution of Nanometer Size Increments
  • Millisecond Settling Time to Nanometer Precision
  • Ultra-High Precision Encoder, 2 Nanometers Resolution
  • Frictionless Piezo Drive and Flexure-Decoupled Ballscrew
  • Active Compensation of Backlash and Stick/Slip Effects
  • Excellent Velocity Control

PIHera® Piezo Flexure-Guided Nanopositioning Stage Family: 50µm to 1.8mm

PIHera® piezo linear positioning systems feature travel ranges from 50 microns to 1.8mm. Despite the long travel the units are compact and provide rapid response and high guiding precision.

  • Positioning Ranges 50 to 1800 microns
  • High-Precision, yet Cost-Efficient
  • To 0.1 Nanometer Resolution
  • Direct Metrology & Capacitive Feedback for Highest Stability & Linearity
  • Frictionless, High-Precision Flexure Guiding System
  • Outstanding Lifetime Due to PICMA® Piezo Actuators
  • X-, XY-, Z-, XYZ Versions
  • Vacuum Versions Available

Piezo Positioning  Family

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P-712 Low-Profile Miniature Piezo Nanopositioning Scanner with Aperture

  • Ideal for Imaging and Scanning
  • High Dynamics, to 5 ms Settling Time
  • Positioning Range up to 40 microns
  • Resolution to 0.2 nanometer
  • Compact Design 40x40x6 mm with 25x15mm clear Aperture
  • Long Life PICMA® Piezo Actuators
  • More low-cost precision scanners

P-712 piezo stages are ideal for imaging and scanning applications. The high resonant frequency allows for fast motion and provides settling times of about 5 milliseconds. Open and closed-loop versions are avialable.

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P-772 Piezo   Stage

P-753 LISA Linear Piezo Stage & Piezo Actuator, to 38µm, High-Dynamics, High Stability

Positioning  Stage & Piezo Actuator
  • Resolution 0.05 Nanometers, Rapid Response
  • Versatile Design: Both Flexure Stage and Guided Actuator
  • Direct Metrology Capacitance Feedback for Highest Linearity & Long term Stability
  • Frictionless Precision Flexure System, for Ultra-Straight Motion
  • Long Life PICMA® Piezo Actuators
  • Vacuum and Nonmagnetic Versions Available

P-753 LISA Linear Stage / Actuators are high-speed piezo nanopositioners to work as both stage and guided actuator. Capacitive feedback provides the highest precision and stability.

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P-752 High Precision Nanopositioning Flexure Stage, to 35µm

  • 0.1 nanometer Resolution, Millisecond Response
  • Travel to 35 microns
  • Direct Metrology & Capacitive Feedback for Highest Stability & Linearity
  • Ultra-Straight Motion with Flexure Guidance
  • Long Life PICMA® Piezo Actuators

P-752 piezo flexure nanopositioning systems provide rapid response with fast settling and extreme straightness and flatness and extremely low tip/tilt errors. They can be used horizontally and as Z-positioners. These stages perform especially well in Scanning Probe Microscopy and for high-speed dithering and disk drive testing applications.
Piezo Positioning Flexure Stage

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P-750 High-Load Piezo-Nanopositioning Stage, Direct Metrology, 10kg Load, 75µm

High Load Stage
  • 10 kg Load Capacity
  • 1 nanometer Lateral Guiding Precision
  • Resolution < 1 nanometer
  • Long Life PICMA® Piezo Actuators
  • Fast Response
  • 75 microns Positioning Range
  • Direct Metrology & Capacitive Feedback for Highest Stability & Linearity
  • Frictionless Precision Flexure Guiding System

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PiezoMove™ Low-Cost Flexure Actuator Family, for OEMs

  • 3 Designs, Many different Models
  • Positioning Ranges to 1 mm (1,000 microns)
  • Nanometer Resolution, Closed-Loop Available
  • Frictionless, High-Precision Flexure Guiding System
  • High Dynamics and Stiffness
  • Long Life PICMA® Piezo Actuators
  • Custom Designs: Non-Magnetic / Larger Travel or Faster Response
  • For Adaptronics, Optics, Medical, Biotech and Microfluidics Applications

These flexure piezo system actuators are lever-amplified and provide large positioning ranges to 1000 microns, fast response and high positioning accuracy in a small package.
Actuators Flexure Family

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P-611.1 Cost-Effective Nanopositioning Stage

Linear Stage

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  • Cost Effective Design with Strain Sensors
  • Small Footprint 44x44 mm
  • Positioning Range to 120 microns
  • Resolution to 0.2 Nanometers
  • Cost-Effective Contrllers available
  • Long Life PICMA® Piezo Actuators
  • Also: XY, XZ, XYZ & Z Stages

P-611.1 piezo flexure nanopositioning stages are cost effective positioners with strain gauge feedback. 1 to 3 axis configurations are available. The systems provide up to 120 microns travel with sub-nanometer resolution.

PIFOC® Fast Objective Focusing Piezo Nanopositioning System

  • Compact, Light-Weight, Long Positioning Ranges to 1000 µm
  • Ideal for Fast Autofocus Applications
  • Clear Aperture up to 29 mm Ř
  • Choice of Position Feedback Sensors: Piezoresistive (lower cost); Capacitive (higher precision)
  • Sub-Nanometer Resolution

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S-303 Nanopositioning High-Dynamics High-Resolution Piezo Phase Shifters

Phase Shifter

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  • 25 kHz Resonant Frequency for Sub-Millisecond Dynamics
  • < 0.1 Nanometer Resolution; 3 Microns Positioning Range
  • Direct Metrology Option: Capacitive Sensor Option for Highest Linearity and Stability
  • Invar Option for Exceptional Thermal Stability
  • Aperture with Open-Loop Versions
  • Compact Size: 30 mm Diameter x 10 mm

S-303 phase shifters are very fast piezo systems based on tripod drive. They provide 3 µm positiong range with angstrom size step resolution, and sub-msec response dynamics. The S-303 can be mounted in any orientation. Open- and closed-loop versions are available.

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